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Young Adults

The TANG Young Adult program is intended for college and young professionals who haven’t started a family.
We are primarily English speakers and all our workshops are conducted in English. We welcome 1.5 generation TA and non-Taiwanese participants who share a love for Taiwan, are open to learning more about Taiwan, and being an active participant in the Taiwanese American community.
Our program has grown over the years and has become an essential support for young professionals navigating through #adultingstruggles!

Why Should I Come? 


Relax, let loose, and enjoy the moment.
At TANG, we believe it’s okay to be awkward and goofy.
In fact, we encourage it.


Our goal is to form lifelong bonds between our participants.

We believe in forming connections where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued where they can give and receive without judgement. 

Self - Discovery

TANG offers a lot of opportunities for participants to learn more about themselves.


Whether it’s through intimate small group conversations, mentoring, or thought-provoking workshops, we strive to challenge and encourage you to be your best self.

Past Workshops and Activities

Our workshops are all self led by the talented participants in our community! The variety of topics we have had in the past are below:


  • Current Housing Market & Buying Process Explained

  • On the Money: Budgeting & Investing Basics

  • Sexual & Gender Diversity: Promoting Inclusivity

  • Car Maintenance 101 

  • Taiwan’s Pensive: The Links of Time 

  • Do what you love or $$$?

  • Taiwanese Cooking 

  • Taiwanese American Jazz by Peter Lin

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

TANG - Wide

We love participating in events with all 350+ participants of TANG.


The energy is infectious and the intergenerational aspect has become a significant value to TANG. Below are some of the highlights of the weekend!


  • TANG Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome Reception

  • TANG Olympics and Water Balloons

  • Performing and Enjoying Taiwan Night 

  • Night Market 

  • Game Night with Tiny Tots Staff

  • Networking with TANG Parents

  • TANG Closing Slideshow

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