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Our Programs

The TANG conference has six programs:

Each program has 2 Program Directors leading a group of counselors to ensure that our programs are engaging and foster relationships amongst everyone. We also have programs that build bonds across the programs and ensure that all the programs have the chance to interact with one another.

Our Themes

Developed by our leadership, every year our conference explores a major theme: Identity, Family, Community, and Growth.
We foster a safe environment and and encourage our participants to examine what being Taiwanese American means to themselves, and the impact that they could make in our communities. We hope that every year, our participants can reflect and walk away with tools to make an impact on their everyday lives. 


As leaders, it is important to us to provide a platform for our participants to discuss how our Taiwanese American heritage plays into each of our origin stories.  We also want to cultivate and unlock every participant’s hidden potential to confidently express who they are and who they want to be. 


Family plays a vital role in shaping our values, behaviours, identity, and perception of the world around us.  By examining where we come from and the struggles and triumphs our families have gone through in the past, we will develop a deeper understanding of how we became who we are today.



Great communities provide a space to be comfortable and explore new skills; to find mentors and learn from others. They make us smile and feel confident, and empower us to take on new challenges. We explore not only how great communities can support us but also how we in turn can return the favor.  


Growth is an ever evolving process. No matter how old you get, there is always something new that you can learn and expand your knowledge and self-awareness of it. We encourage our participants to reflect on the year on how they can better improve and develop themselves.

Program Highlights

Small Group

Led by two staff members, small group helps participants to develop relationships, have fun, and provide a healthy, safe place for self-reflection, self discovery, and dialogue.

Taiwan Night

At the end of the weekend, all programs get together for Taiwan Night. Each program showcases a dance, song, or skit that they worked on together!


We foster a multi-generational fun environment for programs to interact across different age groups.


Conference speakers come from all over the US and support the conference theme by sharing their stories and experiences that resonates with each program.

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