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TANG Code of Conduct Guidelines

TANG is looking forward to providing your child with a fun, memorable, and safe summer camp experience. Each participant has a responsibility to act in a way that assures a positive experience for all. As a participant of this conference, all staff and participants are required to follow the guidelines of TANG and West Chester University and to accept personal responsibility for the consequences of their conduct. Violation of TANG’s Code of Conduct will be reported to the Executive Director.  If a staff member or participant violates the code of conduct, TANG staff may discipline, suspend or dismiss any participant and may not allow an individual to participate in a subsequent conference based on previous issues related to conduct.


Behavior Guidelines

  • Participants shall be responsible for their words and actions.

  • Participants shall be respectful of others and shall treat fellow participants, counselors and staff with kindness and consideration.

  • Participants shall promptly follow directions from TANG staff members.

  • Participants may not leave campus without the permission of the Executive Director.

  • Participants shall keep the camp premises, property, facilities and equipment clean and tidy and dispose of trash properly.

  • Participants shall attend all scheduled activities unless excused by a counselor.

  • Participants shall follow the curfew times set by TANG staff and must be in their assigned rooms at curfew.

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Endangering the health and safety of themselves, other participants, and/or staff or volunteers.

  • Stealing, damaging, or failing to care for camp facilities, or personal property.

  • Continual disruption of the program.

  • Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines.

  • Inappropriate physical contact. Refrain from intimate relationships with other participants, and report inappropriate behaviors to staff. Examples include: jokes, comments, or gestures of a sexual nature; indecent exposure of private body parts; unwelcome physical conduct or contact; possession, or sharing, of sexually explicit materials; harassment, teasing, or hazing; sexual harassment; and any sexual activity among minors.  This conduct may result in removal from the conference.

  • Using profanity or inappropriate language or displaying clothing or other personal items with offensive content.

  • Bullying of any form (including cyber-bullying) or acts of aggression or violence. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. 

  • Possession or use of illegal substances, tobacco, or alcohol. Smoking, vaping, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the use of illicit or illegal drugs are prohibited and may result in removal from the conference.

  • Possession of weapons - any object that may cause harm to another, or place another person in fear of his/her safety, may be considered a weapon.


Process for Failure to Follow Code of Conduct Guidelines

  • TANG Staff will redirect the participant to a more appropriate behavior.

  • The participant will be reminded of the behavior guidelines. The participant will receive a verbal warning for minor infractions such as not following rules or being disruptive.

  • Continued misbehavior may result in loss of privileges such as participation in certain activities or outings.

  • If the behavior persists, staff will discuss the problem with a parent/guardian, who may be required to pick up their child.

  • TANG Staff will document the situation. The written documents will include what the behavior problem is, what provoked the problem, and the corrective action taken.

  • If the problem persists to the point where a second phone call becomes necessary, TANG staff may find it necessary to have the participant picked up early from camp (for commuters), to have the participant removed from their assigned room, or to have the participant dismissed from the conference entirely. Certain behaviors such as violence, theft, or possession of drugs/alcohol will result in immediate dismissal from camp.

  • If a participant's behavior at any time threatens the immediate safety of him/her, other participants, or staff, the parent/guardian will be notified and expected to pick-up the child immediately. The participant may be removed from their assigned room or dismissed from the conference entirely.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in the removal from the program and/or additional fees. There are no refunds for participants who are removed from the program due to violations of the Code of Conduct.

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