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Thank you for your interest in TANG. See below for our current list of available staff positions. If a particular role is not mentioned but you are still looking to contribute, please reach out to



Web Content Designer

Post-Conference (needed July thru Year-End 2022)

Want to support Help capture our biggest moments and takeaways from our 2022 conference while refreshing overall content, look & feel. 

Drive conference participants to the website to relive memories, while also appealing to future visitors.

(no prior web design experience required)

Reach out to Amanda Rhead ( for more information.

Our staff is integral to making our summer conference a success.
We welcome people from all backgrounds even if you are not Taiwanese!
As a staff member, TANG values your identity, talents, and ideas which bring diversity to our community.


Media Team 

Staffing year-round (Focus: 2023 conference)

Calling all photographers, film and presentation gurus! The Media Team focuses on creative projects including capturing video and photo memories of the weekend. The footage is compiled into a slideshow at the end of the weekend.  


Media Team interactions with campers will be more limited than counselor-camper interactions, so please keep that in mind when considering this position.

Key Responsibilities: Volunteers will have two fundamental responsibilities. 1. Capturing photo and video memories of conference events. 2. Producing a slideshow for the closing ceremony. Recommended skills for a Cameramen - An interest or passion in photography and videography. - A willingness to try new things. - Good communication and teamwork. Recommended skills for a Video Editor - An interest or passion in video editing. - A willingness to try new things. - Good communication and teamwork. - Good organizational skills. Required Equipment: Volunteers can be provided with fee remission for rental equipment used for the conference. - Camera equipment for capturing photos and video. - Computer equipment for editing footage.


Reach out to Brian Yu ( and for any inquiries.

“For the youth to be enriched by a loving Taiwanese community, so they can obtain a stronger sense of self and passionately pursue their convictions.”

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