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Open Letter From Ryan Deweese

My wife is a first generation Taiwanese American and I attended my first TANG conference with her and our children in 2023 not knowing quite what to expect. I was quickly delighted though by warm welcomes and smiling faces. The attendees and organizers went out of their way to make me feel welcome and included. Over the course of the conference I was able to learn and appreciate more about Taiwan’s history, culture, and future. We are excited to continue to introduce our children to some of their cultural history that they otherwise might not get to experience.

The educational sessions were fun and informative while the breakout sessions were team-building, and as a whole, I can’t wait to return. I suspect most parents have some apprehension on their first visit about leaving their children to stay in dorm rooms with others of the same age, but the counselors are terrific and all fears are alleviated when you pass by your child in the cafeteria at meal time and they give you a nod or a quick wave at most, then hastily return to their friends. My children have attended three years now and look forward to returning to TANG to see old friends and have another adventure each summer.

~ Ryan Deweese
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