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Welcome to Parents & Adults! 

  • Why should my family and I attend TANG?
    At TANG, we are dedicated to bringing fostering pride and interest in Taiwanese culture and cultivating personal growth. What makes TANG unique from other Taiwanese American conferences is that we’re the only conference that spans all three generations. Through our unique position in the community, we provide a rare opportunity for families and old friends to reunite to truly build a multigenerational community and lasting relationships.
  • Do I/my spouse/my child need to be Taiwanese to attend TANG?
    You don’t need to be Taiwanese! All you need is an open mind and the desire to learn more about Taiwanese culture.
  • What is the primary language used at TANG?
    All TANG programs are in English with occasional programming allocated to learning Taiwanese and Mandarin. Most of our staffers are all American born, so English is their primary language as well. While some of our staffers do speak Taiwanese and Mandarin, it is not needed to participate in the programs at TANG.
  • My child doesn't speak English (ie from Taiwan). Can they still attend?
    Many of our counselors can speak only English. For your child’s safety, we highly recommend that your child can speak English to have the best experience. If you would like to register your child, we require that the parent/guardian also be registered for our conference.
  • Which generations of Taiwanese Americans usually participate?
    2nd generation and 3rd generation
  • This is my child's first sleep away camp and I'm worried about them. What options do I have to address my concern?
    Depending on which program your child is in, we have some options to try to address your concern! Tiny Tots are required to stay with their parents or grandparents for the entire weekend. During the day, feel free to drop by and stay since some of the kids miss their parents sometimes. For the Juniors and older programs, we recommend that campers share a room with other campers their age so that they can bond with some new friends, but we do sometimes make special arrangements. If your child has a friend in the same program that’s coming as well, you can request that your child room with them. We do our best to accommodate all requests. Some Parents prefer that their child in the Junior program stay with them at night, so that’s an option as well. All TANG programs currently reside in the same dorm building as well, so you can always check in your child. For Junior High and High School participants, we highly recommend them rooming with other fellow campers in their program. We do our best to accommodate all requests.
  • My child/myself cannot make the entirety of TANG conference. Will their fee be prorated?
    We highly recommend that you/your child attend TANG in its entirety, but if you have a special circumstance contact us at
  • Can I visit my child while they are in their respective programs over the weekend?
    While you are allowed to visit your child during TANG weekend, keep in mind that the activity locations are subject to change and your child will most likely be actively participating in the activities and engaging with the other participants. Our staff collect parents phone #s if there are any questions/concerns. We will notify you as well if there are any issues.
  • My child would like to attend the conference but has a conflict. Can I pull them out of the conference for a short period?
    We highly recommend that you/your child attend TANG in its entirety, but if you have a special circumstance contact us at
  • Can my child join the program with a sibling/friend in a different age group?
    Our counselors work hard to create a program that is tailored to each age group. To be respectful to their hard work and to other campers, we would like all campers to attend the program that corresponds to their age group.
  • My child has certain allergies or daily medication requirements. Can they still attend TANG?
    Yes. Please note their needs on the medical waiver form and be sure that your child brings all necessary medication with them. The information will be confidential and only shared with people who will be in direct contact with your child.
  • My child has special needs. Can they still attend TANG?
    Most if not all of the staff do not have formal training interacting with children with special needs. However, we encourage you to reach out to us at to discuss the specifics of your child’s needs and whether or not we will be able to accommodate them.
  • I just finished Kindergarten. Should I stay in Tiny Tots or sign up for the Juniors program?
    It is generally best if your child has finished 1st grade before moving up to Juniors. In Juniors we have a longer day that includes small group discussions and other activities where the campers will be actively engaged.
  • I just finished 5th grade. Should I stay in Juniors or sign up for the Junior High Program?
    You should stay in the Juniors program and join the Junior High program after you’ve finished 6th grade.
  • I just finished 8th grade. Should I stay in Junior High or sign up for the High School program?
    You should stay in the Junior High Program and join the High School program after you’ve finished 9th grade.
  • I just finished 12th grade. Can I still go to TANG?
    Absolutely! We have seniors that come back every year to join our High School Program which is meant for teens that have finished grades 9-12.
  • I am a college student. What options do I have in terms of getting involved?
    You are more then welcome to join our Young Adults program. Or if you would like to be involved and work with children, you can apply for staff!
  • I used to go to TACEC back in the day and would like to come back. However, I don't have any kids. Which program should I join?"
    You can join either TANG Parents or Young Adult. You have flexibility to float between the two programs depending what topics are you are most interested in!

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